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Abstract Expressions of Fall

Abstract Expressions of Fall

Deep in the forest of Karnataka there are some pristine spots, largely untouched (yet). Jogigundi is one such lovely waterfall tucked in the wilderness of Agumbe. The Jogigundi Falls is located around 3 km from Agumbe. Situated on the way to the Barkana Falls, it can be reached by a small trek of around ~500 mts. When the conditions are right, you can also enjoy swimming in the turquoise green water. Even during the monsoon time, water was inviting and pretty refreshing from the afternoon heat.

I was lucky to visit the place, at the right time, when the water was just right to highlight the beautiful structure of the waterfall, while the entire surrounding was still lush green from the rains. Heavier rains would definitely make it more majestic, but also would increase the challenge of accessing the falls. Also heard that the leaches might decide to join the trek, if the rains are continuous :)

Be advised and cautious. This is a rain forest. You are entering the habitat of the wild. Respect their place & space. Leave only footsteps and carry back all that u carry in, along with some lovely pictures & memories!

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