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Bahai Temple of worship, Chicago

Bahai Temple of worship, Chicago

An architecture so white, so magnificent, so delicate and so close to Chicago, it has to be the Baha’i temple.

The Baha'i Temple, Chicago is one of only, seven Baha'i temples in the world. It is actually the only one in all of North America. The place is enormous and has 9 almost identical entrances symbolizing the 9 major religions of the world and the fact that all are welcome to worship together at the temple. It's really a pretty fascinating place surrounded by sprawling grounds with manicured symmetrical gardens and fountains.

If you had visited the place, you know that the entire temple is white pure white. But the twilight, bought in the golden shade and accentuated the intricate work on the walls. I also loved how the lilies complimented the setting sun :)

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