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Little Explorers at Latourell Falls

Little Explorers at Latourell Falls

Latourell Falls in the Columbia Gorge is one of my favorite falls. It has a beauty of its own - be it rain or shine. This particular day – along with the rain, the spray from the falls was so much that I could not even get my camera out. Having the falls to myself, I decided to let the camera rest and enjoy the serenity of the scene. Just then these two little guys came in - well equipped - to explore the falls. There was no stopping them be it the rain or the spray from the falls.

Many times, adding a human element to landscapes adds beauty and scale. And there are no second thoughts when they happen to be cute kids like these :) I just couldn't resist … and the rain, as if agreeing with me, stopped for a brief time - letting me capture this lovely moment. How do u like it ?!!!

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