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Storm in the Skies

Storm in the Skies

After driving for 14 hours, I thought, all I would want was to get some break and some sleep. But I was wrong ! As we reached the Smokey Mountain National Park and set the tent well into the darkness, the conditions were just ripe to explore some stars ! The moon was not up and it was one of the darkest skies that I had seen in a while. It took a while to drive around and get some spot safe enough to shoot shoot the stars with some interesting foreground.

Being new to the place, the mystery of the night and the sound of the rushing stream near by added to the experience. The clouds were moving pretty fast, and helped set the mood of this shot to a great extent.

As for the processing of this shot, it was achieved by the nifty Photoshop script – Creative Trails UI & Creative Effects UI. I wrote a whole article about these scripts and you can download them here (for free, ofcourse !) . If you are into photography do take some time to check it out.

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